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What is NoodleMasterpiece?

Fun with Noodles and Construction Paper

Remember those days in elementary school when you would glue noodles to construction paper, draw and paint your own masterpiece? Well now with NoodleMasterpiece you or your kids can make your own creation without the gluey mess. There are different palettes of objects to “glue” things noodles, grains, nuts and bolts. Best of all you can save your "masterpieces" to the web for later viewing or email your creation to your friends with a secret message. Get a contest going because we randomly award prizes to "masterful works of noodle art". Use it when you’re bored, need to keep the kids occupied, or just for fun. Have fun and share with the world.

Buy the NoodleMasterpiece Iphone ApplicationTaking Paper and Glue to Another Level

With NoodleMasterpiece you can draw, add text, and arrange noodles, grains, bolts, and nuts. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, for both construction paper and markers. Craft pieces come in many shapes and sizes, and can be rotated and placed anywhere you want. Noodle Masterpiece gives you control over every aspect of your creation.

Come Back Often

We'll be updating the site each season and holiday with new palette items so come back often to conjure up new, creative masterpieces.

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